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Planning to refurbish your Data Center (DC)? Planning to relocate or extend your DC? This service offering is perfect for you. We can become part of your project team and bring our expertise. With us you get our experience, our precision and our efficient execution. 

We are strong believer in PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) Cycle. It is an continues improvement cycle that we have embedded in our approach that supports our engineers and technology. 

  • Plan: we will provide the best Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool.
  • Do: we will provide engineers equipped with Mixed Reality (MR) technology. 
  • Check: DCIM, MR and engineers come together, highest quality ensure.
  • Act: anything discovered will be addressed, and loop continues.

Our engineers, augmented with Mixed reality technology, are documenting and executing at the same time. This makes them efficient, requires less time, results in less costs. We have different options, from small packages to entire project duration.