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Did you ever feel like that guy? We understand the pain of low quality documentation, or complete absence of the same. It´s important piece of work, but no the one everyone is happy to do. There is always something more important to do than documentation and planning? 

We have found a balance between the time you need, quality and priority. We do it at the same time or overlap it at some point of time. Equipped with powerful Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system and Mixed reality (MR) technology, we are documenting while we are implementing and we are checking while we are implementing.

Accurate inventory is of high importance for many reasons, and some of them are:

  • reduction of human error
  • emergency recovery
  • know what you have 
  • capacity optimization

Our offering has three stages:

  • we create fast inventory of your Data Center, and we provide executive summary on our findings
  • you can takeover DCIM system and inventory created
  • you can let us continue doing that for you