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Jörg Hesselink Jörg Hesselink
Jörg Hesselink


Leading the company to success

IT System Administrator

Cycling, Football, Technology, Camping

Die Toten Hosen

The Voice of Germany

Google Maps

Ismar Efendic Ismar Efendic
Ismar Efendic

Co-Founder, Technical director

Work with customer to find solution to their problem. Leading AR product vision to enable company vision.

Network administrator


Sean Connery

Star Wars


Alma Efendic Alma Efendic
Alma Efendic

Marketing Specialist

I am in charge of marketing and communication activities, market monitoring and campaign management. The job of a Marketing Specialist is practically one engine of the company, so that everything we offer is visible and recognizable and gets its name and background. 

I always knew that I wanted to be involved in media and marketing. Therefore, my first job, back in my student days, was in a marketing agency. 


The Weeknd


LinkedIn, Pinterest

Nicolas Maurel Nicolas Maurel
Nicolas Maurel

Senior Solution Engineer

I am acting as a bridge between our customers and technical teams. Through active listening and dialogue, I am partnering with customers, helping them to identify and describe their pain points. This allows me to suggest and design solutions to optimize their DC operations.

I started in year 2000 as a DC backup operator for a large international Company, hence I am very familiar with the atmosphere and challenges of working in the middle of server racks, in cold and noisy environments.

Hiking, couple danse, woodworking, RV

Latin music, drum and bass, old school rap

Breaking bad, Prison break, Black mirror

Google Maps

Nicole Koenen-Liffert Nicole Koenen-Liffert
Nicole Koenen-Liffert

Sales & Business Development

The market is looking for simplification that meets your IT requirements. In addition, the compensation of the shortage of skilled workers. The outstanding vision of DC- SMARTER to innovatively satisfy these needs have convinced me and motivate me daily to establish this in the market. My job is SALES. Convincing customers, partners and scientific synergists to use DC-SMARTER. 

Press officer and strategy & marketing planning for a system house called Controlware GmbH

Family, Bike, Tennis, Windsurfing, Sailing and diving


Inas Nacht


Timo Eser Timo Eser
Timo Eser

System Integrator

Managing and maintaining DCS hybrid infrastructure. Implementation of D42 on customer site. Responsible for technical part regarding system integration and customers questions 

cable confectioner 

Reading, hiking, fitness, my dog

Sean Connery

Die Anstalt

Mozilla Firefox

Jan Hesselink Jan Hesselink
Jan Hesselink

Senior Full Stack Developer

I'm a Software Developer with focus to frontend development in Angular and backend development in Java/Kotlin.

My first job was in a communication agency as web developer.

Sailing, Surfing, Snowboarding, Coding, Reading

Guitar and Piano Music

Science-Fiction and Fantasy Movies/Series


Luqman Asif Luqman Asif
Luqman Asif

Senior Full Stack Developer AR / MR

I am senior Full Stack Developer AR/MR

I started my career as a Game Developer 

Playing Games




George Hinic George Hinic
George Hinic

Sales & Business Development

Head of Sales 10+ years in selling complex IT solutions and services globally.

Account executive, selling digital advertising 


Madhu Avunuri Madhu Avunuri
Madhu Avunuri

AR/MR Software Developer

Develop and build extraordinary AR/MR applications for Mircosoft Hololens using game technologies.

Game Developer

PC & Mobile Games, Travelling, Cooking

A. R. Rahman Songs

The Simpsons, GOT, Friends, Big Bang Theory

YouTube, Google Maps

Stefano Engelbrecht Stefano Engelbrecht
Stefano Engelbrecht

3D Artist

I work on the concepting, modeling, uv mapping, texturing, rigging and animation of 3D assets to games, AR and VR applications. I also work on implementing those assets in the game engine

My first job was as a graphic designer. I used to edit photos and create vector graphics.

Playing video games, drawing, jogging, cooking, watching movies, listening to rock classics and travelling

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin

The Witcher, Seinfeld, Tatort

Youtube, Netflix, Cyberpunk (game)


We provide highly skilled Data Centre field engineering services, augmented by Mixed Reality Technology.

Our mission:

  • Provide superior customer service
  • Protect the quality of the environment
  • Encourage innovation /creativity
  • Attract new generations engineers and make it attractive business

Our qualities:

  • Operational excellencies 
  • Documentation accuracy 
  • Uptime  

Augmented / Mixed (AR/ MR) reality has evolved over the years and in many other fields already applied i.e. Healthcare, Automotive etc. We are bringing this technology to Data Centers. This enables us to ensure highest quality. With support of AR/ MR we can record all work for auditing reasons when needed, it provides you insurance that the work is done as requested. Working with engineers, planning and navigating is done in real time. This reduces time spend on unnecessary preparation overhead. Documentation is 100% accurate and can be audited at any time. Quality of documentation was never more important as today, due to increase in system outages and security breaches.

Let us be your eyes and ears in your Data Center. To make the service offering complete we provide full documentation life cycle using a leading Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool. We will provide initially inventory where required and maintain that for you.